Deck Discovery, Part 1

Deck Discovery, Part 1

In our first Deck Discovery, followers voted for a foiled tuck box, minimalist card backs, bold Ace of Spades and custom-illustrated courts cards through an Instagram Stories poll hosted by our friends @kardify. They then painstakingly scoured our extensive catalogue of playing cards and found a deck that meets the criteria.

The Lucky Draw Playing Cards are defined by its contrasts – it's elegant and modern yet timeless, minimal yet functional. The deck was released by Art of Play in collaboration with Sideshow Press.

Lucky Draw Playing Cards

The decks are available in two versions, the variation is the two color choices, Red and Green. The tuck for both versions is, for the most part, identical, both have a nice subtle embossing of the word ‘LUCKY’ on a luxurious letterpress-printed tuck box, laced with stunning gold foil. The difference from the exterior is the color of the top triangle on the front of the tuck box, which clearly defines the color variation.

Lucky Draw Card Box

Inside, the cards themselves in each version are again pretty much the same with the exception of the color palette of the back designs and jokers. The back design in a complimentary dark blue/cream colorway features a minimalist geometric design that is elegant and modern.

Lucky Draw Ace of Spades

One of the unique feature of the deck is the maze-like pattern of the pips and the clean bold Ace of Spades, which adds a stylish finish to the deck. The Jokers come in two colors, the colors of each deck, and the word ‘Joker’ is depicted by a maze-like typography.

The custom abstract geometric courts is a nice touch. They give the deck a more sophisticated look and at the same time compliment the modern minimalist design of the deck really well! Although the courts have been updated with geometric elements, the courts are still recognizable and familiar.

Lucky Draw Jokers

You can't go wrong with either version here, a fully custom deck for the collector, eye-catching back design for cardists to use in their card flourishes, an elegant deck for game nights and for the magician who wants a modern narrative for their routine.

Printed on a premium crushed stock developed by Dan & Dave with the United States Playing Card Company, Lucky Draw Playing Cards are available on Art of Play for $15.

For the next Deck Discover, follow @kardify on Instagram and get involved in the next poll. Your choice will determine the next deck discovery.

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