Kings of Cardistry

Cards twirling, knuckles blazing, hands-a-blur—welcome to cardistry, the sleight of hand acrobatic sensation all done with a simple deck of 52.

The kings of the cards are Dan and Dave Buck, twin brothers dealing out some of the best moves in the game. Their mesmerizing, seemingly gravity-defying flips and tricks stem from card flourishes originally used by magicians to introduce their tricks. Now, thanks to artists like Dan and Dave, cardistry has spun off as an art form all its own—keeping the magic without the abracadabra. 


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Sir, i am very big fan of your cardistry. I hava a request. Please can you make a free tutorial or blog videos teaching the tips for great moves, only just tips. Besides, thank you very much for your great contribution to cardistry.


You guys are amazing and thank you for all the videos and tours . Keep rocking.

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