Puzzle Boxes

Mysterious boxes for holding secret treasures. Each requires a different trick to open.


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Twelve Stripe Puzzle Box
Twelve Stripe Puzzle Box Sale price$90.00
DIY Magic Puzzle Box
DIY Magic Puzzle Box Sale price$28.00
DIY Gift Puzzle BoxDIY Gift Puzzle Box
DIY Gift Puzzle Box Sale price$28.00
Sold out
Small Yosegi Puzzle BoxSmall Yosegi Puzzle Box
Small Yosegi Puzzle Box Sale priceFrom $30.00
DIY Spin Puzzle BoxDIY Spin Puzzle Box
DIY Spin Puzzle Box Sale price$28.00
Sold out
Cluebox 4: The Trial of Camelot
Sold out
Shutter Puzzle BoxShutter Puzzle Box
Shutter Puzzle Box Sale price$295.00
Yosegi Coin Box
Yosegi Coin Box Sale price$20.00
Sold out
Expansion Puzzle Box
Expansion Puzzle Box Sale price$185.00
Sold out
Cluebox 5: Cambridge Labryinth
Tamate Puzzle BoxTamate Puzzle Box
Tamate Puzzle Box Sale price$120.00
DIY Trunk Puzzle BoxDIY Trunk Puzzle Box
DIY Trunk Puzzle Box Sale price$28.00
Sold out
Kasho's Small BoxKasho's Small Box
Kasho's Small Box Sale priceFrom $45.00
Sold out
Cookie Puzzle Box, No. 8
Cookie Puzzle Box, No. 8 Sale price$55.00
Whale Puzzle Box
Whale Puzzle Box Sale price$245.00
Philosopher's BoxPhilosopher's Box
Philosopher's Box Sale price$185.00
DIY Treasure Chest Puzzle BoxDIY Treasure Chest Puzzle Box
Ripple Out
Ripple Out Sale price$475.00
Sold out
Gravity Box
Gravity Box Sale price$65.00
Save $6.00
DIY Coin Bank Puzzle BoxDIY Coin Bank Puzzle Box
DIY Coin Bank Puzzle Box Sale price$22.00 Regular price$28.00
Sold out
Rune Cube
Rune Cube Sale price$500.00
Sold out
Kryptos Wooden KitKryptos Wooden Kit
Kryptos Wooden Kit Sale price$20.00
Sold out
Moon and Bear Puzzle BoxMoon and Bear Puzzle Box
Moon and Bear Puzzle Box Sale price$325.00
Sold out
2-Step Trick Drawer Puzzle Box