Aiming Blind

One of our dreams is to produce a docuseries highlighting the magic we see in people and places. Yesterday, production began on our first profile featuring the kinetic artist and engineer Martin Smith. The series is directed by Ka-Lok Ho, who officially joined our team last year, but has been the visual mastermind behind our video content for the last few years. We're very excited to share these with you.

With services like YouTube available to billions of people, the potential to arouse curiosity and spread wonder is unlike anything we've done before—it's astronomical. It is said that to be among the stars, you must aim beyond them. We might as well be blind, but we aim anyway because wonder is that place only curiosity can take us. We pursue this endeavor for the magic of allkind.

If you'd like to learn about the artists whose work inspires us, check out our art journal, Tangram, and the Stories from our blog.

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