635 products
635 products
Cyclone Pocket Puzzle__product

Cyclone Pocket Puzzle

A new four-piece puzzle where each piece interlocks with the other three.
Architect Cubes__product

Architect's Cubes

A set of cubes that represent a tribute to the architecture discipline.
Magic Square Puzzle__product

Magic Square

Believe it or not, it is possible to fit all five pieces into this wooden frame.
Mousetrap String Puzzle__product

Mousetrap String Puzzle

This charming disentanglement puzzle pits man against mouse. The clever little rodent has tie...
Math Maker__product

Math Maker

Math Maker is a sophisticated construction toy designed to inspire three-dimensional creativi...
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Half Hour Puzzle__product

Half Hour Puzzle

This packing puzzle can be solved in 30 minutes... Supposedly.
The Procrastinator__product

The Procrastinator Puzzle

Put off work for a while with this multi-challenge box of packing puzzles.
Shippers Dilemma Puzzle__product

Shipper's Dilemma

One of the most difficult packing puzzles in our collection.
Grand Master
Soma Cube__product

Rubberwood Soma Cube

This environmentally conscious version of the legendary packing puzzle is made from trees har...
Titan Brass Puzzle__product

Titan Puzzle

A simple-looking, yet highly challenging take-apart puzzle.​
Grand Master
Moiremotion Book__product


An astonishing panorama of unseen moirés and patterns unfold in the latest book from Takahiro...
Amazing Origami Boxes__product

Amazing Origami Boxes

Origami master Tomoko Fuse presents 20 original designs for origami boxes — some simple, othe...