YOT Puzzle

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Part puzzle, part magic trick, YOT can provide hours of entertainment fooling your friends.

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YOT Puzzle

Part puzzle, part magic trick, the YOT Puzzle can provide hours of entertainment at the expense of your closest friends. The goal is to remove the coin from the metal disc. Sure, experienced puzzlers may be able to open the lid right away but that's only half the fun. The YOT Puzzle is designed as a challenge to demonstrate for an audience. If you're sneaky, you can lift the lid off right in front of someone, without giving away the secret trick that unlocks the mechanism. Put the lid back and then invite them to try opening it for themselves... They won't be able to! With the proper technique, this simple deception can be highly entertaining and the longer it goes on, the funnier it gets.


YOT Puzzle


2.5 x 2.5 Inches

  • Metal
  • Master

United States

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