Space Park Game

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A fast-paced galactic adventure with gorgeous sci-fi graphics.

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Space Park Game

From the creators of one of our favorite board games, PARKS, comes Space Park—a fast-paced galactic adventure with gorgeous sci-fi graphics. You'll blast off in rockets, visit alien planets, collect exotic crystals, and earn the right to brag to friends that YOU are the greatest explorer in the galaxy. Henry Audubon has once again designed a super fun game that is easy to learn. Production quality from Keymaster games is top-notch with wonderful little touches like miniature rockets, acrylic crystals, and chunky game tiles. Space Parks is a great example of why board games remain popular in the face of digital domination, tactile fun infused with an imagination that inspires entertaining competition with friends and family.

 20-30 Minute playtime.

Henry Audubon, Brian Edward Miller


Keymaster Games


4.75 x 1 x 2.25 Inches

Number of Players




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