Spanish Solitaire

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A wooden version of the classic marble game with a very clever storage solution.

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Spanish Solitaire

Solitaire is a one-player game that has fascinated cunning strategists for hundreds of years. This cleverly designed version, Petaca Solitario Collar, resembles both a hip flask (petaca) and a necklace (collar).

The spherical wooden game pieces are stored along the edge of the board, where they resemble a string of beads. When you're ready to play, pour the marbles out from the opening in the side of the board and set them in place.

Solitaire is reputed to have been invented by a nobleman confined in the Bastille prison during the early years of the French Revolution. The game has many variations but all involve jumping marbles or pegs to remove them from the board one by one.

Petaca Solitario Collar offers an elegant storage solution, making this game perfect for travel. Made in Spain.


Pico Pao


7.25 x 7.25 x 1 Inches

Number of Players




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