Mr. Wattson, Mini

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A hand-made lamp with a shining personality.

Color: Vintage White
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Mr. Wattson, Mini

Mr. Wattson is a handmade LED lamp. Not factory made – HAND made. He’s proud of this fact and hopes you are proud of him, too. Mr. Wattson's body is ash wood and his head is inspired by the 1946 Vespa headlight. It’s what’s made him so famous.

Not to mention, Mr. Wattson is very flexible. His knees and back bend and his neck swivels so he can be moved into many different positions. Thanks to these articulations, he not only changes his focus, but also, his mood.

Designed by Soyee Studios in Taiwan which was founded by two talented sisters whose designs have tapped into an international aesthetic. Soyee’s mantra is to “make your life fun”, and they achieve this through award-winning designs which imbue contemporary décor with a touch of wit.


Mr. Wattson®


6.5 x 3.5 x 4.25 Inches

  • Wood
  • Electronics


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