Kellar Trivet

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A functional optical illusion that will melt your mind without burning your counters.

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Kellar Trivet

One of the best functional optical illusions we've ever come across, the Kellar Trivet will melt your mind without burning your counters. A bewildering visual deception captured in a fine wooden kitchen tool.

The checkered rows appear for all the world to be crooked but a sliding assembly reveals the truth: all of the angles in the pattern are straight and square. The popular visual deception known as the "Cafe Wall Illusion" is made even more impressive thanks to a brilliant adjustable design that can be shifted back and forth from "crooked" to parallel.

Crafted from bamboo, black walnut, and cherry and finished with protective polyurethane varnish. This amazing object was created by Tony Potter, a life-long fan of magic and woodworking who draws on years of experience as both a circus clown and a stage illusion designer. Made in the U.S.A.


Tony Potter


Harlequin Illusions


8 x 6.5 x 1 Inches


  • Wood


United States

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