Kasho's Small Box

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A charming Japanese puzzle box with an adorable treasure inside.

Style: Block-C (3x3)


Kasho's Small Box

If you like charming Japanese puzzle boxes, look no further than this new work by Osamu Kasho. At first, the box may appear to be a solid block or rich walnut, the exterior decorated with a simple grid. However, it is possible to manipulate the grooves in such a way as to open the box.

An extremely high level of craftsmanship is required to create a mechanism that hides in plain sight. Even the closest visual examination may not reveal the secret of this puzzle and though the solution is very simple, it may take longer than you'd expect to find it. You'll have to work by touch and feel.


Osamu Kasho


Karakuri Creation Group


Bock-C: 2 x 2 Inches</br>
Block-R: 2.35 x 1.35 Inches


  • Wood



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