Kagen Sound Maze Boxes

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Experience the mechanical genius covered by puzzle-collecting experts around the world.


Kagen Sound Maze Boxes

Now you can experience, first hand, the mechanical genius coveted by Oscar-winning directors, Fine Woodworking Magazine, and puzzle-collecting experts around the world.

Art of Play is proud to present this series of four handmade boxes from legendary puzzle artist Kagen Sound—the only American craftsperson recognized as a master by the Karakuri puzzle guild in Hakone, Japan. Kagen's epic puzzle furniture is rumored to sell for upwards of $50,000 but luckily, he has decided to create a limited edition of handheld puzzles for a fraction of that price.

Each Maze Box is exquisitely crafted by Kagen and features a rotating steel maze that locks the lid. The Walnut variety is the easiest to solve, Cherry is a bit more difficult, Maple is harder still and the Honeycomb box is very, very hard to open. Each box has a larger than average interior chamber since the locking mechanism is contained almost entirely in the intricate designs of the steel discs. These puzzles are available in limited quantities and we feel very lucky to have them in our collection.


Kagen Sound


5 x 3 x 2 Inches

  • Wood
  • Intermediate

United States

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