Half Hour Puzzle

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This packing puzzle can be solved in 30 minutes... Supposedly.

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Half Hour Puzzle

This famously approachable packing puzzle can be solved in around 30 minutes... Supposedly. It took us quite a bit longer to fit all six three-dimensional Tetris pieces in the box and shut the lid.

The Half Hour Puzzle may look similar to the Soma Cube but while there are over 200 possible solutions for Soma, this puzzle has only one. Designed by legendary American puzzle master Stewart Coffin in 1975, The Half Hour Puzzle is a rewarding challenge for an intermediate puzzler.

Once solved, the 3x3 wooden cube can be displayed openly on the included base or stored away in the matching box.


Half Hour Puzzle


Pelikan Puzzles


3 x 3 Inches

  • Wood
  • Advanced

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