Usonian House Model Kit

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Usonian House Model Kit

The "Usonian Homes" are small, single-story dwellings designed by American architect Frank Lloyd Wright. They are often L-shaped to fit around a garden terrace and are characterized by native materials; flat roofs and large cantilevered overhangs for passive solar heating and natural cooling; natural lighting with clerestory windows; and radiant-floor heating. Another distinctive feature is that they typically have little exposure to the front/'public' side, while the rear/'private' sides are completely open to the outside. A strong visual connection between the interior and exterior spaces is an important characteristic of all Usonian homes.

This model is produced with the utmost attention to detail. The designers researched architectural drawings and dissected countless photos to capture the true essence of the original building. Materials are selected with the same dedication to quality and sustainably sourced where possible. In short, this model feels like it could have come from the architect's own studio.

Beautifully boxed with clear, easy-to-follow instructions to help unleash your inner architect. Glue not included.


Little Building Co.


10 x 10 x 2.5 Inches

  • Wood


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