Drawer of Drops Puzzle Box

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Drawer of Drops Puzzle Box

You'll need to be like water in order to open this clever Japanese puzzle box, inspired by dew dripping from a leaf. Lovely exterior craftsmanship hints at the deviousness of the inner workings. Like its slightly more difficult cousin, the Drawer with Tree, the design that decorates the top of the Drawer of Drops is also a clue to unlocking the hidden mechanism... The inner compartment is large enough to hold a Zippo lighter or a similar-sized prize.

Designed by Hiroshi Iwahara. Handmade in the Hakone mountains of Japan. Measures approx. 


Hiroshi Iwahara


Karakuri Creation Group


3.6 x 3.3 x 2.7 Inches


  • Wood


  • Advanced

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