Coffee Engine

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The spinning brass flywheel is powered by the heat from any mug of hot liquid.

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Coffee Engine

Every coffee drinker knows a strong brew is essentially liquid fuel but did you know that a cup of joe can literally power a machine? This extraordinary Coffee Engine is a scientific wonder based on a patent from 1816. But what was originally designed to rival the steam engine in locomotives has been reimagined to fit atop a ceramic mug.

The temperature differential between the hot liquid below and the cool air above is enough to drive the steel pistons of the machine, which sets the gleaming brass flywheel spinning—a delightful demonstration of how thermal energy can be converted into motion.

The construction of the Coffee Engine is precise and beautiful, while the action of the components is absolutely fascinating. However, we recommend preparing two cups of coffee, one to power the engine, and one to drink while you sit back and enjoy the marvelous mechanism in motion.

Coffee Cup not included.


Böhm Stirling-Technik


4.75 x 3.5 Inches

  • Metal


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