CMY Double Cube

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The cyan, magenta and yellow faces can be combined to reveal new colors and forms.

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CMY Double Cube

Fans of the famous CMY Color Cube will delight in Keiichi Miyazaki's newest layer of chromatic creativity. The CMY Double Cube includes the original smaller version surrounded by a larger cubic prism that is only colored on three sides. At first, it may seem that the smaller cube is permanently trapped inside, but the larger cube actually slides apart into two U-shaped pieces.

By introducing three separate elements, Miyazaki creates the opportunity for even more inventive play of color and light. The cyan, magenta and yellow faces can be twisted, turned and combined to reveal new geometric forms in oranges, greens and purples of various hues. Place the cubes near a candle or beside a sunny window to bathe the room in a shifting spectrum of light. 

A lovely and surprising twist on one of our favorite physics toys, created by the original inventor. Handmade in Japan.


Keiichi Miyazaki


1.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 Inches


  • Plastic



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