Bocce Ball Set

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A game best played with a drink in your hand and the sun on your face.

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Bocce Ball Set

Bocce is a fun outdoor game for groups of all ages. This colorful set comes with eight painted wooden balls, one silver "jack" (smaller target ball), and a cotton carrying bag.

Bocce has been played for centuries, with roots that trace back to ancient Rome, but the reason it remains popular from Buenos Aires to Boca Raton is that the goal is incredibly simple: throw a big thing at a small thing. Whoever gets closest wins.

Competition can be casual or fierce, depending on your friends but either way, we find Bocce ball is a game best played with a drink in your hand, and the sun on your face.


Fredericks & Mae


8 x 8 Inches (Boxed)

Number of Players



United Sates

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