After dealing with several major fulfillment center's across the United States, Dan and Dave Industries took it upon themselves to move inventory to a private warehouse in San Diego, CA and begin fulfilling orders in-house. Their reason for doing this was to have a direct relationship with the customer.

Offering in-house fulfillment has allowed us to lower our shipping rates and make sure every order is securely packaged for safe delivery.

In 2015 we began offering our fulfillment service to clients outside Dan and Dave Industries and now fulfill orders for over dozen clients with an average ship-count of 300 packages per day.


"In addition to their prompt shipping times, their careful packaging, and their utmost professionalism, one of the things we've come to really enjoy about working with Art of Play is how responsive they are in their communication: whenever we've had to contact them about new orders, follow-up on replacement packages, or ask about some logistical issue, rarely does a full working day pass by before we get a response that addresses our query. These speedy replies go a long way when it comes to putting our minds at ease regarding every aspect of fulfillment, and for that reason we can wholeheartedly recommend Art of Play for anyone looking to make their lives easier when it comes to shipping matters." —Kevin Ho, Virtuoso Playing Cards.
The card community is growing at an exponential rate and Art of Play is growing alongside with it. The level of speed and accuracy are unparalleled. The whole team is amazing and although they handle so much traffic, they do it with ease. When you're talking to them about your order, they themselves will take care of it or oversee the process themselves. I have shipped thousands of decks of cards through them and will continue to use them for all of my future distribution needs. Art of Play has a customer for life." —Chris Brown, Orbit Playing Cards.

Our expertise is in the playing card, puzzle and game industry. To request fulfillment services please contact us.