Our 2020 Mystery Deck is pulled from a collection of 35 different decks of various quantities. Each Mystery Deck is guaranteed to have a retail value of at least $12. The deck(s) you receive are completely random so we can't guarantee you will not receive duplicates. All sales on Mystery Decks are final.

When purchasing a Mystery Deck(s) you could receive any one of the following decks:

Ace Fulton's, Antler, Balance, Bruce Lee, Cabinetarium, Camp Cards, Cardistry-Con, DKNG, Drifters, Flying Dog, Fulton's October, Gold Standards, Golden Sunrise, Henry & Sally, If an Octopus could Palm, Lady Moon, Makers - Private Reserve, Messymod, Modern Time - Limited Edition Box, Off the Wall, Odd Bods, Overlook, Papercuts, Peau Doux, Plush, Seekers, Smoke x Anyone - Gilded Edition, Smokey Bear - Limited Edition Box, Sons of Liberty, Spark, Standards, Survival, Tom's Town, Zoma.

*Mystery Deck Exclusive