Our 2019 Mystery Deck is pulled from a collection of 40 different decks of various quantities. Each Mystery Deck is guaranteed to have a retail value of at least $12. The deck(s) you receive are completely random so we can't guarantee you will not receive duplicates. All sales on Mystery Decks are final.

When purchasing a Mystery Deck(s) you could receive any one of the following decks:

Ace Fulton's Brown, Ace Fulton's Pink/Black, Ace Fultons Gold/Green, Alphabet, Balance, Bruce Lee, Brush, Camp Cards, Cardistry-Con 2018, Cardistry-Con 2019 Green, Cardistry-Con 2019 Orange, Casual v2, DOTS, Flora v2, Fontaine Futures - Mix, Fontaine x Guess - Cycling, Fontaine x Guess - Stickers, Fontaine x Ripndip, Fulton's Clip Joint, Golden Sunrise, Harmony Collection, Into the Weird, James Coffee, Lady Moon, Makers - White Gold Ed., Messymod, MIRROR, Misc. Goods, Odd Bods, Papercuts, Peau Doux - Silver, Peau Doux - White Glove Ed., Private Reserve v1, Seekers, Sons of Liberty, Spark, Standards - White Gold Ed., Toms Town, Ultimate Deck, ZOMA