608 products
608 products
Hidden Curry Puzzle__product

Hidden Curry No. 90

A good Pelikan puzzle for beginners who want a more formidable challenge.
Get Trunk Puzzle__product

Get Trunk

Don't let the cute elephant figures fool you, this puzzle packs a wallop.
Impossible Joint Puzzle__product

Impossible Joint Puzzle

A classic two-piece puzzle crafted in the USA.
Game Ball Puzzle__product

Game Ball Puzzle

Cruiser Puzzle__product

Cruiser Puzzle

A brilliant Stewart Coffin design that combines elegance and apparent simplicity into somethi...
Rubik's Cube__product

Rubik's Cube, Metallic Ed.

This Limited Edition Rubik's Cube was produced in celebration of the 40th Anniversary.
Grand Master
Garden of Eden Book__product

A Garden Eden

Art meets science in this beautiful catalog of botanical illustrations. Drawn from the archiv...
From $20
The Art of Curiosity Book__product

The Art of Curiosity

50 Visionary Artists, Scientists, Poets, Makers & Dreamers Who Are Changing the Way We See Ou...
Murder Most Puzzling Book__product

Murder Most Puzzling

A witty riff on the classic whodunit that brings out everyone's inner detective.
Exploring the Elements__product

Exploring the Elements

A Complete Guide to the Periodic Table Sara Gillingham with words by Isabel Thomas.
24 Mazes Book__product

24 Mazes Book

A book of beautiful and challenging mazes, full of optical illusions, meditative geometric pa...
Frida Kahlo Bookmark__product

Frida Kahlo Bookmark

A magical optical illusion that also helps to save your page.
Usonian House Model Kit__product

Usonian House Model Kit

The "Usonian Homes" are small, single-story dwellings designed by American architect Frank Ll...
Guggenheim Museum Model Kit__product

Guggenheim Museum Model Kit

Creating a new precedent for architecture with its spiraling organic form, the Solomon R. Gug...