617 products
617 products
Tipsy Bottle Opener__product

Tipsy Bottle Opener

A whimsical bar accessory that doubles as a decorative kinetic toy.
Avalon Telescope__product

Avalon Telescope

Romantic visions of thrilling adventures seem closer than ever.
50 Year Calendar__product

50 Year Calendar

This antiquarian device can calculate the day of the week for any date within 50 years.
Desk Magnifier__product

Desk Magnifier

A decorative portal into a world of lilliputian wonders.
Rin Bell__product

Celestial Bell

A traditional Buddhist instrument believed to purify mind and body through sound.
Trinity Puzzle__product

Trinity Puzzle

Trinity is a handsome and highly unusual puzzle. In its solved state, it forms a sort of wood...
Palace Puzzle__product

Palace Puzzle

Palace is a challenging packing puzzle with a pleasing solution. The goal is to arrange the d...
All Tetra Puzzle__product

All Tetra Pod Puzzle

All Tetra Pod is all corners and no mercy. The eight Padauk tetrominoes can be arranged in 63...
Playboy 2 Puzzle__product

Playboy 2 Puzzle

Playboy 2 is a slightly skewed version of a traditional packing puzzle. The normally rectilin...
Colliding Galaxies Puzzle__product

Colliding Galaxies Puzzle

Colliding Galaxies is one of the trickiest packing puzzles in our shop. On paper, it seems st...
Web 3 Puzzle__product

Web 3 Puzzle

Web 3 is an intermediate-level packing puzzle with an unusual design that makes it appealing ...
Mejo Jigsaw Puzzles__product

Mejo Jigsaw Puzzles

Limited edition, handcrafted jigsaw puzzles from Italy that are too beautiful to store in a d...