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19 products


A 21st century kinetic toy with a unique mathematical shape.
Dymaxion Folding Globe__product

Dymaxion Folding Globe

Inspired by the work of famed architect Buckminster Fuller.

DIY Gift Card Lock Box

A translucent model of a pin-tumbler lock mechanism.
Marble Oloid__product

Marble Oloid

This endearing geometric sculpture fits so snugly in your palm, it seems to caress your hand....
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Playtronica Touch Me__product


Turn human skin, water, or flowers into a musical instrument with TouchMe. Play alone or with...

DIY Safe

This kit assembles into a transparent safe with a fully functional combination lock.
Invertible Cube__product

Invertible Cube

Stainless steel flutters and flips inside out on itself to reveal a surprising parade of fami...
Star Cube__product

Star Cube

A geometric illustration of the expansion of cube faces into infinity.
Playtronica Playtron__product


Use the contents of your fruit bowl as a piano keyboard with Playtron!

Invertible Cube Cardboard

This cardboard model turns the richly varied movements of the cube into a tac...