Packing Puzzles

Packing puzzles are mechanical puzzles that require spatial problem-solving skills to fit all the pieces in place.


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Bonus Chocolate
Bonus Chocolate Sale price$12.00
Mighty Cheese Travel Puzzle
Dance Party Travel Puzzle
Dance Party Travel Puzzle Sale price$12.00
Crystal Digits Travel Puzzle
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Cruiser PuzzleCruiser Puzzle
Cruiser Puzzle Sale priceFrom $15.00
Stone TangramStone Tangram
Stone Tangram Sale priceFrom $75.00 Regular price$90.00
Save $2.00
Shadow Shapes Travel Puzzle
Shadow Shapes Travel Puzzle Sale price$10.00 Regular price$12.00
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Game Ball PuzzleGame Ball Puzzle
Game Ball Puzzle Sale price$22.00
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Magic SquareMagic Square
Magic Square Sale price$20.00
Akadia PuzzleAkadia Puzzle
Akadia Puzzle Sale price$20.00
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Kepler PuzzleKepler Puzzle
Kepler Puzzle Sale price$110.00
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Our Common GoalOur Common Goal
Our Common Goal Sale price$25.00
Hummingbird PuzzleHummingbird Puzzle
Hummingbird Puzzle Sale price$90.00
L6 Puzzle
L6 Puzzle Sale price$75.00
All Tetra Pod PuzzleAll Tetra Pod Puzzle
All Tetra Pod Puzzle Sale price$95.00
Jack in the Box PuzzleJack in the Box Puzzle
Jack in the Box Puzzle Sale price$125.00
Hidden Curry No. 90Hidden Curry No. 90
Hidden Curry No. 90 Sale price$78.00
Get Trunk
Get Trunk Sale price$195.00
Mouse Hole
Mouse Hole Sale price$85.00
Playboy 2 PuzzlePlayboy 2 Puzzle
Playboy 2 Puzzle Sale price$95.00
Play Girl 2 PuzzlePlay Girl 2 Puzzle
Play Girl 2 Puzzle Sale price$85.00