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7 products
Bird Call__product

Audubon Bird Call

Recognized by multiple generations of birders and outdoors people, the Audubon Bird Call has ...
American Bird Calls Set__product

American Bird Calls Set

A collection of sonic wonder that's perfect for any nature lover.

Handmade Slingshot

The wool projectiles included ensure that when you hit your mark, you won't leave a bruise.

Wooden Boomerang

These high-flying boomerangs perform truly impressive aerial acrobatics.
Seed Grow Kit__product

Seed Grow Kit

Growing a tree from seed is a magical and fascinating experience for people of all ages. Thes...
Turbo Flyer__product
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Turbo Flyer

This modern update to the classic balsa plane kit can fly 50 feet!
It's a Toss Up__product
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Vintage Juggling Balls

These vintage-style juggling balls harken back to props used by medival jesters. The three b...