Sale price$12,000.00

An exquisite sculptural timepiece.

Color: Gold



Chronomeans is an exquisite sculptural timepiece. The gorgeous tower of elaborate antiquarian clockwork juggles rolling steel balls with split-second precision to orchestrate an intricate interplay that is absolutely captivating to behold. Time seems to slip away as you watch the assembly of wheels, gears, pinions, and springs dance for hours on end.

You will not find any numbers on this clock. Instead, the time is represented by the groups of balls that collect on the various levels of the railing. Each metal orb rides up and around through the complex mechanism until it is rolled into place at exactly the right moment and arrives in position with a satisfying click. When the clock strikes 1:00, a cascade of silver balls swirls down through the railings until they come to rest on the lowermost rung. There, another twelve-hour journey to the top will begin.

This remarkably luxurious display piece will surpass even the highest expectations. It is a beautiful thing to behold.

Ships in 2-3 Weeks.


Abrasax Design Group


12.25 x 8.75 Inches


  • Metal
  • Electronics


South Korea

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