29 products
29 products
Flip Vase__product

Flip Vase

This smart design creates the sense of life growing from art.
Flying Whale__product

Flying Whale

Flying Whale is a kinetic sculpture created by artist Sang-yong Lee.
Storm Glass__product

Storm Glass

Predict the weather like a 17th century sea captain.
Spinning Heart Machine__product

Spinning Heart Machine

This hand-cranked automaton will make your heart spin—and flip and rotate, too.

Coffee Engine

The spinning brass flywheel is powered by the heat from any mug of hot liquid.
Buddha Board__product

The Original Buddha Board

An ephemeral art board that allows you to paint with water.

Misfold Kinetic Sculpture

A collapsible structure inspired by folding techniques found in nature.
Swinging Sticks__product

Swinging Sticks Desk Sculpture

A sophisticated double pendulum design featured in movies and TV shows.