18 products
18 products
Ace of Spades Bookmark__product

Ace of Spades Bookmark

A brass playing card to inspire wonder while saving your page.
Poemotion Books__product

Poemotion Book Series

Static images spring to life in this innovative and hallucinogenic series of animated design ...
Frida Kahlo Bookmark__product

Frida Kahlo Bookmark

A magical optical illusion that also helps to save your page.
The Anchor Puzzle Book__product

The Anchor Puzzle Book

The amazing stories of 53 new puzzles made of stone.

Tarot: Library of Esoterica

Shed light on the shadow place of our cultural consciousness, with this visual history of the...
In Case of Lost Childhood Book__product

In Case of Lost Childhood

Monograph of 3D street artist Leon Keer.
The Art of Puzzle Boxes Book__product

Enter if you Can, Puzzle Lock Edition

Professor Peter Hajek has written the definitive modern treatise on puzzle boxes.
The Art of Science of Ernest Haeckel__product

Ernst Haeckel Art and Science

Discover Ernst Haeckel, the 19th-century artist-biologist who found beauty in even the most u...
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Chess in Art Book__product

Chess in Art

A vibrant collection of paintings by more than 700 artists across 800 years.

Magic 1400s–1950s

Take a truly magical mystery tour with this sparkling compendium of magic and trickery from m...
The Modern Oracle__product

The Modern Oracle

Fortune Telling and Divination for the Real World. Find out what your future holds.
The Circus__product

The Circus 1870-1950's

Daredevils and scantily clad starlets, fearless animal trainers and startling “freaks”: This ...
The Magic of MC Escher__product

The Magic Mirror of M.C. Escher

Long before the first computer-generated 3-D images, M.C. Escher was a master of the third di...