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16 products
Shark Kinetic toy__product

Shark Kinetic Toy Kit

Build a swimming shark with this brilliant flat-pack sculpture kit.


A wooden toy robot inspired by Japanese Shinto Kumi-ki puzzles.
Educated Monkey Calculator__product

Educated Monkey Calculator

A classic American tin toy inspired by a real-life performing chimp named Consul.
Turbo Flyer__product

Turbo Flyer

This modern update to the classic balsa plane kit can fly 50 feet!
Balancing Blocks__product

Balancing Blocks

A wonderful way to exercise your kinesthetic and visual creativity.

DIY Gift Card Lock Box

A translucent model of a pin-tumbler lock mechanism.
Diver Kinetic Toy__product

Diver Kinetic Toy Kit

Build a kicking scuba diver with this brilliant flat-pack sculpture kit.
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Explore your creativity and discover thousands of unique faces to be made with these 25 woode...
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Discover thousands of different designs with these fun wooden blocks.
From $45

DIY Safe

This kit assembles into a transparent safe with a fully functional combination lock.

Animal Blocks

A timeless treasure made from white birch, cherry, chestnut, and magnolia.
Wooden Building Bricks__product

Wooden Building Bricks

Your favorite childhood building blocks are now available in an ecologically friendly version.
From $22
Magna Tiles__product


Imaginative play meets math and science.
From $50