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141 products
1000 Changing Colors Jigsaw Puzzle__product

1000 Changing Colours Puzzle

This may be the most hypnotic jigsaw puzzle in the world. Each of the 1000 pieces is printed ...

3D Card Star

A stellar explosion of DIY geometry using playing cards.
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3D Paper Animals

A model kit that recreates various animals using paper that feels like their skin and fur.


This may be the most innovative and stylish pop-up book we've ever seen. Explore the alphabet...
ART Ball__product

ART Ball

Design your own artistic display with this modular sculpture toy.
Acrobat Pen__product

Acrobat Pen

A kinetic balancing toy and writing implement in one.
Amazing Origami Boxes__product

Amazing Origami Boxes

Origami master Tomoko Fuse presents 20 original designs for origami boxes — some simple, othe...
Arena Concrete Chess Set__product

Arena Chess

Arena is an architectural interpretation of chess made entirely from concrete.
Kate Banazi Jigsaw Puzzle__product

Artist Series Jigsaw Puzzles

A trilogy of striking 1,000 piece Jigsaw puzzles from three highly-respected fine artists.
Artists on Art__product

Artists on Art

Enter the world of 50 great artists and learn how they see, think & create.
Bauhaus Chess Set__product

Bauhaus Chess Set

Designed by Josef Hartwig in 1923.
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