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17 products


This hand-cranked flip-movie machine displays your very own motion art.
Shark Kinetic toy__product

Shark Kinetic Toy Kit

Build a swimming shark with this brilliant flat-pack sculpture kit.
Junk Air Automata__product

Junk Airship Automata Kit

Turn the crank and watch this jury rigged junk ship flap through the air.
Parrot Automata__product

Parrot Automata Kit

Turn the crank and watch this vibrant parrot squawks and flaps through a tropical forest.
Da Vinci Drawmaton__product

Da Vinci's Drawmaton

A hand-powered drawing-kit inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s 15th century “Robot Knight."
Flying Family Automata__product

Flying Finkle Family Automata Kit

Turn the crank and watch the family take flight.
Diver Kinetic Toy__product

Diver Kinetic Toy Kit

Build a kicking scuba diver with this brilliant flat-pack sculpture kit.

DIY Safe

This kit assembles into a transparent safe with a fully functional combination lock.
Playtronica Touch Me__product


Turn human skin, water, or flowers into a musical instrument with TouchMe. Play alone or with...
Playtronica Playtron__product


Use the contents of your fruit bowl as a piano keyboard with Playtron!
Guggenheim Museum Model Kit__product

Guggenheim Museum Model Kit

Creating a new precedent for architecture with its spiraling organic form, the Solomon R. Gug...
Usonian House Model Kit__product

Usonian House Model Kit

The "Usonian Homes" are small, single-story dwellings designed by American architect Frank Ll...
Farnsworth House Model Kit__product

Farnsworth House Model Kit

Recreate the famous home designed and constructed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe with this archi...
Unity Temple Model Kit__product

Unity Temple Model Kit

Unity Temple was constructed between 1905 and 1908 and dedicated in September 1909. Unity Tem...
SC Johnson Complex Model Kit__product

SC Johnson Complex Model Kit

A masterpiece of planning, engineering and material use by Frank Lloyd Wright. Probably one o...