66 products
66 products
The Cosmos Oracle__product

The Cosmos Oracle

The Cosmos Oracle invites you to take a moment to reflect in order to connect with your intui...
Spintop Royal__product

Spintop Royal

This finely engineered pull-style top is made of luxurious materials.
The Modern Oracle__product

The Modern Oracle

Fortune Telling and Divination for the Real World. Find out what your future holds.
Marble Oloid__product

Marble Oloid

This endearing geometric sculpture fits so snugly in your palm, it seems to caress your hand....
From $25
Loki Lock Puzzle__product

Loki Puzzle Lock

A solid-metal sequential discovery challenge full of twists, tricks and surprises.
Grand Master
The Art of Puzzle Boxes Book__product

Enter if you Can, Puzzle Lock Edition

Professor Peter Hajek has written the definitive modern treatise on puzzle boxes.
Antiq Puzzle__product

Antiq Hedgehog Puzzle

A legendary enigma machined from a single slab of brass.
Joy of Hex Puzzle__product

Joy of Hex

The ultimate prize for any burr puzzle aficionado.
The Gob Stopper__product

The Gob Stopper

A hefty little brass burr puzzle that's fun for everyone.