9 products
9 products
Ouisi Game__product

OuiSi Visual Card Game

A photo-based game of visual connections.
Thinker Game__product

The Thinker Game

A card game designed to test your knowledge of history’s greatest thinkers. Each card feature...
Story Cubes__product

Story Cubes

Imagination-fueled storytelling tool that inspires creativity in young and old alike.
Frank Lloyd Wright Memory Game__product

Frank Lloyd Wright Memory Game

Put your brain to the test by matching pairs of ten iconic designs.
Ouisi Nature Card Game__product

OuiSi Nature Game

A set of photo cards inspired by the natural world designed to foster creativity, build mindf...
Rush Hour Game__product

Rush Hour

One of the best single-player logic games of all time!
Emotional Barometer__product

Emotional Barometer

A Tool to Explain Our Moods
What Do I Really Want To Achieve__product

What Do I Really Want To Achieve?

This is a tool for helping us focus on what we need to be fulfilled so that we can direct our...
How to Become Wiser__product

How To Become Wiser

A set of twenty cards exploring what it really means to be wise, and how we can strive to bec...