834 products
834 products
Balls Eye Desktop Sculpture__product
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Balls Eye Desktop Sculpture

Made in concrete, this interactive sculpture challenges the associated notion of the material...
Yosegi Puzzle Box__product
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Mini Yosegi Puzzle Box

Based on designs from over 150 years ago, these limited edition puzzle boxes are handmade in ...
Philosophers Puzzle Box__product
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Philosopher's Box

Five different pieces separate in surprising ways to reveal two matchbox-sized storage areas.
Visions of the Universe Book__product
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Visions of the Universe

A coloring book inspired by exquisite mathematical patterns.
Old Shackles Tavern Puzzle__product
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Old Shackles Tavern Puzzle

A beginner level puzzle where the objective is to remove the ring from the horseshoes.
Sagrada Game__product
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You'll need cleverness and careful planning to craft a stained glass window worthy of the Sag...
Hanayama Valve Puzzle__product
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Valve Pocket Puzzle

Valve is a pocket puzzle that feels like cracking the lock to a safe. You'll have to imagine ...
Musical Spoons__product
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Musical Spoons

Percussive wooden fun for everyone from kids as young as three to experienced musicians.
Morritt Shakers__product
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Illusion Spice Shakers

The perfect way to add a pinch of magic to your next meal.
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Cut and Fold Paper Textures

An enlightening guide to creating textured and relief surfaces using paper.
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Stone Tetris

Three-dimensional sculpture game carved from Andean Esteatita soapstones.