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12 products
Moiremotion Book__product


An astonishing panorama of unseen moirés and patterns unfold in the latest book from Takahiro...
Pierre The Maze Detective__product

Pierre The Maze Detective: Tower

Mr. X the Phantom Thief is back, with a new evil plan! He wants to steal the shining light fr...
Pierre The Maze Detective__product

Pierre The Maze Detective: Sky

A new adventure for Pierre and Carmen, taking them to the mysterious and visually stunning c...
Poemotion Books__product

Poemotion Book Series

Static images spring to life in this innovative and hallucinogenic series of animated design ...
Entertaining Science Experiments__product

Entertaining Science Experiments

Martin Gardner presents a splendid collection of activities for a rainy afternoon.
Art Play Book__product

Art Play Activity Book

Marion Deuchars includes a wide range of fun and games for the whole family.
Visions of the Universe Book__product

Visions of the Universe

A coloring book inspired by exquisite mathematical patterns.
Patterns of the Universe Book__product
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Patterns of the Universe

Contemplate the abstract beauty of the cosmos with this ingenious coloring and activity book ...
This Book is a Camera__product

This Book is a Camera

Kelli Anderson presents a fun and ingenious way to learn about the principles of photography.
Complete Book of Origami__product

The Complete Book of Origami

The seminal work by Robert J. Lang includes step-by-step directions and more ...
Why Knot Book__product
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Why Knot?

Learn the art of knot-tying from legendary wire walker Philippe Petit.