Secret Warehouse Tour

World renowned magician Chris Ramsay visited our secret showroom for an exclusive video on his YouTube channel. Watch as he takes viewers on an inside tour of our private showroom and warehouse.


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can we actually have tour to the warehouse… is that an option? it’s like the harry potter studio tour, but for magician/cardists

Andrew Reynolds

Can anyone please please tell me those types of file cabinets because I want a couple of these for my playing cards!!!!

Peter Vales

I just happened to see the Chris Ramsay visit recently and was blown away by what I was seeing,What a Candy Store For Magicians and cardistry enthusiasts, Awesome


I loved the puzzles! I love the entire warehouse. I really loved the secret room too! Also loved the Erdnase collection. What’s not to love in the entire video? Thanks for letting us get a look inside guys!


I loved the tour and video. My favorite was seeing the chess set on the rolled up half board at around 3:30. Also the Yoseki (sp?) box was way cool.


Wow!!!!! I’m absolutely out of words. This video was fantastic! I love the Buck twins, i love Chris Ramsey, their work, their passion. Art of play is wonderland to me, thank you so much for making this video. Got to plan a trip to San Diego. Thanks, go on like this.

Aaron Greene

I was thinking, man I could set up a high end tiny shop here in my small city. The presentation of your incredible games, puzzles and magical devices would sell itself.

So fun seeing 3 of the guys I admire, just chillin’ and talking about what fascinates so many of us…. was a blast!

I don’t instagram, but I will share this in other formats.

When I head through San Diego, is this space accessible to the public?



I’m new to cardistry I’m actually working on starting my collection, practicing tricks, but I’m also working on a huge card art project too. Epic if I can pull
It off. I would do some damage to a credit card if I lived closer to Dan and Daves warehouse. They’d have to kick me out cuz I’d be annoying and wanna experience every card and magic trick and puzzle there is! LOVE ART OF PLAY! loved this behind the scenes video! If I’m ever in cali I will definitely come visit and purchase ! Peace, love and magic from boring Nebraska

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